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Falsemind studios is always happy to work with you to bring your custom concepts, brave heroes, peculiar landscapes and nightmarish monsters to life! My strength as an artist in in fantasy, but I am also quite capable with modern and futuristic art styles. I prefer to work digitally and deliver a printed copy of the work or appropriate files to the commissioner. All works are assumed to be for personal enjoyment, and reproduction or use in commercial products must be discussed during initial commission agreement.

Digital cartooning, digital painting, hand drawn originals and comic pages are all available for commissions. Tutorials via screen sharing and streaming are available for those eager to learn about drawing, painting and art.

Prices vary based on the complexity, detail, time frame and subject matter, as well as intended usage.  Gmail offers the fastest response time. Please feel free to contact me looking for a quote or general input on a commission concept, big or small!


Michael Anderson

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