Faster than Normal Commission Update

Group 1: ETC Wednesday
Starlord and groudon: complete!
Catbus and huntail: complete!
Agent Carter and nidoqueen: complete!
Headphones and zoroark: complete!

**Group 1 will be shipped out ASAP!!**

Group 2: ETC sunday/monday
Deathstroke and Lady Deadpool: sketching
Sarah and scrafty: Sketched
Corey and ampharos: sketched
Wolfwood as a coach: sketched
Grappling gambit!: sketched

Group 3: ETC 7/24
ALL THE GOODRA (You know who you are)
Squidkid and samurott
Two half teams
Detective and the fire starters: playing music locally
Deadpool fan and sandslash

Times have overall been bumped back slightly to give me a bit of breathing room. It's all estimates; I'm going back to regular life schedule as opposed to con-frenzy schedule, so I'm hoping to get one commission done a day until I'm done. Again, questions and comments should go to my email, falsemindstudios[at]