ConnectiCon 2015 and Commission Info

You know, normally CTCon is a peaceful, fun endeavor for me. I always enjoy it, I look forward to seeing sketchbooks people bring to me, to drawing fun, silly things, and to spending a bit of dosh myself. Normally, at CTCon, I make a little bit of money, basically enough to spend on some fun things. Nothing reliable, and I've never expected it. Even at that point, I feel blessed that I can spend a weekend with you folks and just have a blast for drawing.

This year? I made almost five times what I normally make. 


I cleared the costs. I cleared the hotel. I cleared the cost for two more cons. I can't thank you folks enough. Customers isn't the right word. Fans, friends, and generous investors. You have given me hope that maybe I could make it as an artist, maybe I don't need a day job.

Granted, most of my money was from Pokemon team drawings. They were turbo popular, and the main reason for my huge commission backlog. This leads me to two questions that I would love if you folks could answer for me.

1: Given the nature of the Pokemon teams, and my art quality, would having the price at $40 have stopped you from getting one? Would $45 or $50?

2: Would offering them as a 'post con mail them to you' product turn you away from it entirely?

Number two is a bit of a moot point, since 11 of the 14 commissions I brought home are Poketeams. Question one, though, is because of a simple fact: These things take a mimimum of 3 or 4 hours when I'm focused with music in an otherwise still room. At the con, it takes most of a day (or the night of sleep I should be getting). Bumping the price up would put it more in line with what I think I, as an artist, am worth. Lemme know what you think, honestly, since if you're looking at this post, you've probably already purchased from me anyway!

On to commissions. I am breaking these up into a few big groupings, to help my sanity. Once a group is done, I'll move onto the next cluster. I will update this blog with info on this as I go. Here are the groupings as they stand, with code names for people/images. and a Pokemon listed in each team where applicable. Please don't take the names to heart, it's just the first thing that pops in mind. Each group has its estimated time of completion (ETC) as well.

Group 1: ETC Wednesday
Starlord and groudon: sketched, inking
Catbus and huntail: sketched, inking 
Agent Carter and nidoqueen: sketched, inking
Headphones and zoroark: sketched, awaiting ok

group 2: ETC Saturday
Deathstroke and Lady Deadpool
Sarah and scrafty: Sketched
Corey and ampharos: sketched
Wolfwood as a coach
Grappling gambit!

group 3
ALL THE GOODRA (You know who you are)
Squidkid and samurott
Two half teams
Detective and the fire starters: playing music locally
Deadpool fan and sandslash

I intend to power through these as fast as I can without sacrificing quality. You folks waiting for me deserve your loot asap, after all. If you are on this list (or think you are), or you have questions or concerns, or just want to drop me a line, please do.

Thank you so much. You all have literally made my day, my week, my year. Hell, probably my life. I'm off to get inking now!

Falsemind Studios Booth at ConnectiCon 2015!

Falsemind Studios Booth at ConnectiCon 2015!